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Italian Lawyers For Foreigners

Italian Lawyers For Foreigners


The international sector is handled through the collaboration of Partners based in Hong Kong, Florida, Tirana, London, Rennes, Dublin, Madrid. The Firm promotes the activity of Italian Lawyer For Foreigners (www.italian-lawyer.it), a project that involves professionals from all sectors in the legal, tax and accounting fields, with the aim of expanding the network by meeting all citizens of the world, who have legal problems in Italy, including:

– Real estate investments throughout Italy;

– Inheritance, management of inheritance practices, donations, transfers mortis causa, division of inherited property etc;

– Private international law: family law, contracts.

– Acquisition and/or extraction of documents and registry certificates, notarial deeds, company records, registry searches, etc.;

– Requests for Italian citizenship;

Languages ​​spoken: Italian, English, French, Albanian.

For more information or to request a legal opinion you can write at the email address info@italian-lawyer.it